Installing Pendant Light. Is ceiling power source required?

I am interested in the Meyda Tiffany – MD-67381 inverted pendant light. Our current pendant light is a swag style with the chain/wire attached to the ceiling on a hook and the the rest of the chain/wire coming down the side of the wall to the power source. There is currently not a power source in the ceiling. Does the above mentioned Model need a ceiling source of power, or can it be adapted in some way? I am assuming that it attaches to the ceiling as you do not specify extra wire or chain with this model.

This Tiffany fishscale inverted pendant light can be customized so that it can be installed in the same fashion as your current pendant light. You would need to let us know the total chain length and wire length that you need, and we can add the additional length to the light fixture if necessary. There will be some upcharge for that, but it’s not outrageous. You would also need to order a swag canopy, which is around $10, then you will be ready to go. Hope this helps.

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