Illuminating Bath Times With Stylish Bathroom Lights

Style and design are the features that every home must have. As such, people spend quite a fortune just to keep their homes updated with the latest trends in interior design. However, many people still neglect the most important room in the house – the bathroom. While there are lighting fixtures everywhere else, families neglect on decorative bathroom lights.

It could be for many reasons. Maybe the residents of the house feel that it is unnecessary because the bathroom is less frequented compared to the living room or dining room. However, it is still a very important part of the house and should be given attention. One to do this is to invest on good bathroom lights.

The Pure White

The regular and most pressing image of a bathroom is that of a pure white. And this is perhaps one of the most popular choices especially among those who love traditional and classic designs. If your bathroom is one, try to stick with the color scheme.

Bathroom Designed by Sara Ingrassia

‘Sara Ingrassia Interiors’ (via)

For example, if the entire bathroom is a beautiful and clean marble white, placing colored and heavily patterned bathroom lights can destroy the image. Simplistic and minimalistic white bathroom lights will be a perfect addition to the decor.

The Color Palette

As modernization goes, bathrooms are also taking quite a transformation. Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to see a bathroom that actually looks like a living room with the different colors, styles, and textures.

Bathroom Design by Peti Lau

‘Peti Lau Interiors’ (via)

In such bathrooms, there is more freedom in terms of choosing bathroom lights. People tend to go for the less traditional choices such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and hanging lights with different patterns and color schemes. Just make sure it is harmonized with the overall interior design.

The Dimmer Accent

Color is not the only result of modernization when it comes to bathroom interior design. Some contemporary designs feature a bathroom with a dim atmosphere.

Bathroom Design by Beasley and Henley Interiors

‘Beasley and Henley Interior Design’ (via)

In such cases, a bright bathroom light will stain the image. Instead, go for dimmer bathroom light fixtures with darker colors. Try to avoid using bathroom lights with white shades and go for ones with yellowish hints. Make sure to take care in choosing the color of other decorative items that will be placed in the bathroom.

Bright Colors

This is not a very common choice but its popularity is ever increasing. It may sound a bit obnoxious for some that a bathroom should look something like a bar, but many people nowadays actually love the idea. If you happen to see a bathroom with bright colors, do not be surprised.

Bathroom Design by Lea Bassani

‘Lea Bassani Design Inc.’ (via)

In such cases, the color of the bathroom lights that you choose should harmonize with the decor. If there are too many unmatched colors, the bathroom will look unfashionable than stylish. There are more rooms for mistake in this case so be extra careful.

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