How to Choose the Right Lighting Solutions for Your Landscaping

There are so many lighting fixtures to choose from, that choosing the one for your landscaping can become a stressful experience. The important thing to remember when lighting a yard or architectural elements is that you are highlighting, not flooding, when using light fixtures. If you’re still stumped, this guide will help you get started on finding the right fixture for every landscaping situation.

Aesthetic Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

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Aesthetic outdoor lighting is meant to create a visually pleasing look. It may also go by the name of accent lighting or up lights. It is typically used to highlight certain features in the landscaping. For example, uplight style outdoor fixtures can be used to highlight plants, sculptures or architectural elements of the home. These light fixtures point upward, rather than radiate outward into the whole yard, like path lights.

Pathway Lights

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Before installing any type of aesthetic lighting, take time to evaluate your landscaping in both the dark and the daytime light. This will help you visualize where you’d like to see additional lighting, or what features you would like to highlight. Take note of any specific details you’d like to see shine in the evening. This could include elements such as the columns on your front porch, large ornamental grasses or even statues or a bird bath.

Outdoor Lighting

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Also, prior to installation, decide if you want front-style lighting or back lighting. Front lights will highlight items from in front. Meanwhile, back lighting are lights that are installed behind the item being highlighted. This can create a modern, unique take on traditional aesthetic lighting. Front and back lighting can also be combined to create an even more unique look in your landscaping.

Outdoor Lighting

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On a side note, aesthetic outdoor lighting can also be great for holiday seasons, as the lights can be swapped out for colored lighting. Consider switching out the bulbs for red and green during Christmas or orange for Halloween.

Safety Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

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Safety outdoor lights are meant for safety rather than for visual appearances. Examples of outdoor safety lighting include pathway lighting, lamp posts or even outdoor lanterns.
These types of lights are meant to create a safer environment. They can ward away unwanted night time intruders. They can also prevent evening guests from tripping or falling in your walkway and so forth.Examples of safety lighting would be fixtures that contain motion detectors, including flood lights, various down lights, such as standard porch lights that flank doorways.

Occasional Lighting

Outdoor Lantern

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Occasional lighting refers to lights that are used in special occasions. These can also be referred to as specialty lights.Occasional lighting would refer to paper lanterns or string lights that are used during evening gatherings to create more light for a short period of time. Other types of specialty lighting include underwater lights and torches.

Choosing the Right Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting
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When working with outdoor lighting, it’s important to choose fixtures that either compliment one another or simply put, match. Typically, designers and manufacturers tend to create entire lines for exactly this purpose. For example, a craftsman style outdoor lantern may have a design that is repeated in an entire series: lamp posts, pathway lights, architectural lights and more.

As you can see, once you step into the basics of outdoor lighting, it can become significantly less stressful!

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