How Long does a Halogen Bulb Last?

I very recently purchased a floor lamp from Lite Source  Model# LS-9498-SS. Last night the halogen bulb burned out  (Thankfully you provided a backup bulb).  How long should these bulbs last? I’m sure the answer is not 3 weeks, so  perhaps we have a problem with the lamp itself? If the backup bulb doesn’t last much longer than the first, I’m going to have to suspect something is wrong. Any thoughts?

Yes, the bulb life should be more than 3 weeks. Typically, the halogen bulb should last between 1000 – 2000 hours. One thing to watch out for is that when you are putting the bulb in, try wearing a glove so that  the  bulb doesn’t come in contact with your bare hand. The reason is that we don’t want to leave oil deposit on the bulb since they get extremely hot, otherwise it may shorten the life of the bulb.

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