Home Decor Concepts: What is a Color Story?

When looking at home accessories and decor, many people are stumped on what to choose. They’re unsure of what home accessories will look best in their space and work with their wall color. Fortunately, home decor does not have to revolve around your wall color (nor should it). Here are a few tips and tricks on how to create a color story in your home.

What is a Color Story?

Color Story

A color story is a group of colors that work together to speak or carry out a theme. For example, in fashion (which often trickles down into home decor,) a designer may feature a safari-inspired line of clothing. The color story for these clothes would typically be in hues such as mustard brown, sand, forest green, as well as safari animal-inspired hues such as black, white, fur brown and so forth.

How Can I Incorporate a Color Story In My Own Home?

When you’re looking to incorporate a color story into your home decor scheme, you need to remember not to focus on your existing wall color. Remember, your walls are just one hue in a color story that can involve several different colors. A color story is not limited to just two or three, it can involve any number of shades as long as all of these colors work together to tell a story about the source of inspiration.

Color Story

When creating a color story, you absolutely must start with an inspiration piece. Home accessories – such as rugs, throw pillows, or wall hangings – are a great starting point for a color story. Remember, you cannot pull a bunch of different colors together and call it a “color story.” It must come from an inspiration piece, and it must tell the story of that inspiration.

Color Story

Using your inspiration piece, you could easily stop by a paint store and pick out a few color chips that match the colors in the item you’ve chosen. You can then use these paint chips to find other home accessories and decor to blend into the room. This is typically easier to do than to carry around a large item, such a piece of wall art or furniture. However, if you’ve got a large fabric swatch (or perhaps even the throw pillow cover as your inspiration piece,) you can easily carry this around with you as you look for the right pieces to mix in.

Color Story

Next, remember that your chosen colors are a guide, not a set in stone color palette. Perhaps your inspiration piece is a bright, vibrant throw pillow with Moroccan styling or Southeast Asian wall decor with bold hues. These are great inspiration pieces, but for many people, designing a home decor scheme for an entire room using only these bright, vibrant colors can quickly become overwhelming. However, you can pair this inspiration piece with other hues, including toned down hues found on the piece.

Paint chips are a great way to find other colors that blend well with your inspiration colors. Most paint chips include two or three additional hues that are in the same color palette as the initial color. You can use these to mix and match your scheme, creating the right feel without creating a home decor scheme that is too overwhelming.

Remember, a color story should be seen throughout the entire space. It should be incorporated into the furniture, wall art and other home accessories. It is not limited strictly to a few throw pillows or a a fabric upholstery! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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