Four Ways to Light Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is one of the most used areas in the kitchen. From cutting and chopping vegetables to rinsing and cleaning dishes to setting up tabletop appliances, the kitchen island is full of uses. But no matter what kitchen task you’re trying to perform, without the proper lighting fixtures, you might as well be washing dishes in the bathtub. That’s why it’s critical to install the best kitchen island lighting available. But no matter what lighting source you decide to install, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician to do the work. By using one of these four ways to light your kitchen island, you’ll be sure to get the best looking lighting as well as the best functioning light.

You’re on Track Now


Probably one of the most common forms of kitchen island task lighting, track lighting is easy to install, looks good and is a cost effective way to bring a bright and direct source of light to the kitchen island. Once the main bar has been attached to the ceiling, each spot light can then be angled and bent into whatever position you desire. Keep track lightsaimed towards the work surface and the person working within that area to prevent casting shadows from over your shoulder and onto the work surface.

Riding the Rails

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A great way to get light focused on your island is to invest in some sort of directional task lighting fixture. While boring and bland lighting sources might work well enough, they don’t have the look or feel that a kitchen island lighting source should have. A monorail lighting source is a great alternative to the typical track type light. Gentle curves and solid forms make this unique light source perfect for any kitchen island.

Low and Glow

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Because many kitchen islands also serve as a small eating area, bar stools or other elevated chairs work in unison with the kitchen island to create the perfect spot for an afternoon snack. Just like a diner, pendant lights are perfect for highlighting specific areas of the kitchen island. Best of all, pendant shades come in such a huge variety, you’re sure to get a light cover that suits your kitchen design perfectly.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Cove lighting is perfect for over any kitchen island area. Hidden behind intricate edges and lines of a tray ceiling, cove lights are typically found in contemporary kitchen designs. Whether you use a spot light type effect to accent details of woodworking within the cove or whether you use an LED type system to create an ambient light, cove lights are small, compact and out of the way kitchen island lighting systems.

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