Fall Design Trends

Updating home accessories and decor is the simplest way to update the overall look of any room in your home. Home accessories, being relatively inexpensive, are an easy way to incorporate changing interior design and home decor trends into your space. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in trends in pieces that can easily be swapped out as they change, rather than investing in large, trendy items. Here are some of this fall’s trendiest home decor items and ideas.

Eclectic Looks

Eclectic Living Room

This year, eclectic items that are mixed and matched in a single space are extremely trendy. For example, a living room in which this style is used could include a fireplace mantel that features a Buddha head, apothecary jars, tea light candles, a hanging oval mirror and an assortment of African style carved statues. The eclecticism makes the space visually interesting.

The great thing about this particular home decor trend is that it can be incorporated into a number of styles. There are dozens of different takes and you simply can’t choose the wrong item when it comes to eclectic looks.

Updated Antiques

Antique furnitures that have been updated using modern finishes is extremely trendy. For example, a Victorian settee can be reupholstered using a trendy fabric to create a unique look that is unlikely to be replicated anywhere.

Basket Weaves

Basket Weave Design

Whether open, see-through weaves or chunky, thick weaves are chosen, basket weaves have their place indoors. You can use them to store throw pillows and blankets, pet toys, children’s toys and much more. You can use smaller versions simply as display pieces when placed on certain furnitures, such as side tables, console tables or coffee tables.

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones Living Room

Home accessories that feature jewel tones—such as throw pillows, small accent furnitures, charger plates, new wall decor or a new throw rug—are a perfect way to incorporate this hot trend into your home decor.

Plus, jewel tones can easily be incorporated into a number of neutral and soft color palettes. With so many jewel tones available (emerald green, sapphire, citrine and more,) it’s easy to find a jewel tone that fits into your existing home decor.


Gray Living Room Design

Though jewel tones are trendy, another hue has recently come into play in the design world. Gray is literally being considered the new neutral tone for many professional interior designers all around the world.

Plus, gray is easy to incorporate into a space. Simple items like repainting small accent furnitures gray or purchasing a few gray throw pillows can help bring this trend into your space without making it too bland and boring. Treat gray as you would treat any other neutral and you’ll do just fine!

Mid Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

The popularity of certain television shows (ahem, Mad Men) has brought renewed interest in the mid-century modern style of design. This style features furnitures with clean lines and home accessories with bold blocks of colors. Plus, it can easily be mixed in with many existing home decor styles including contemporary, traditional and modern. [ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ]

Looking to re-create some of these styles? Take a look at our variety of accent furniture here!

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Author: Anna Thompson
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  1. Sarah Gill Says:

    Those are some great ideas. I don’t care too much about the gray look. It seems like its too much and makes the room look very dark. I like more vibrant rooms myself.

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