ELK Lighting e-Newsletter November – Enhance Your Holidays with the Right Lighting

Lighting During the HolidaysLight can be the most important decorating element, creating warmth that makes a space feel like home.  As the holidays fast approach, we are spending more time celebrating with family and friends.  We are usually attending as well as hosting many of our own parties.  The right lighting determines the atmosphere in your home.  It can relax or invigorate the atmosphere and can also just add a decorative holiday touch.

Many people concentrate on decorating their home on the inside for the holidays.  There are simple jobs that can create a very appealing and grand entrance for the outside of your home.  The simple projects of painting your door, changing the door hardware or adding a festive door mat can create a more inviting entry way to your home.  To highlight these changes to the front of your home, don’t forget to change your outdoor lighting fixtures.  These simple changes will make the exterior of your home more inviting for your holiday guests.

Lighting is the single most effective element in decorating, dramatically improving the look and feel of any room.  Gentle lighting from several sources can accent as well as create a comfortable atmosphere.  Ambient lighting is used to enhance focal points and even create a festive and artistic feel in a room.  Ambient lighting can be created through specific placement of table and floor lamps which will create a comforting effect that is both relaxing and interesting.  In contrast, bold lighting will bring out the rich dramatic colors used in the decor.  It will draw your attention to the brightly lit areas where family and friends will gather.  The general illumination of a room can strongly influence the mood of a room from bright and festive to more intimate and romantic.  The simplest things can have the most profound effect on us and how we view our home.  Decorate and celebrate the holidays with lighting.

Here are some holiday lighting ideas:  Decorations may be a fire hazard if not installed properly – be sure to keep all decorations away from exposed bulbs on light fixtures.

  1. Wrap your chandelier arms with garland or gold ribbon and Christmas lights
  2. Use low wattage “flicker flame” colored bulbs
  3. Tie tiny ribbon bows on the arms of the chandelier
  4. Hang Christmas ornaments (colored balls, gold tassels, stars) from your wall sconces and chandeliers using holiday ribbon
  5. Add crystals to chandeliers, sconces and even table and floor lamps to reflect light
  6. Change your chandelier shades for the holidays.  Wrap existing shades in wrapping paper or foil paper and tie them with a ribbon
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