Dabmar LV-61 path light inquiry

We are replacing existing 12V lights, so we already have a transformer. Do we need to order anything additional or can we just remove our existing path lights and replace them with these using the same wiring? We like the look of this Dabmar LV-61 Path Light – LV-61 but want a lower-profile look. Can we bury them partly into the dirt? A few inches deep so the bottom of the diffuser is maybe one inch above the dirt? If we find the 20W lamps too bright, what other wattage lamp options can we use?

Answer:  This path light from Dabmar (the manufacturer) is made of spun brass material. It is recommended that you do not bury the fixture so low, because the damp ground soil will “eat” through the spun brass material and results in holes on the fixture. Also, you can always change out the lamps to 10W later if you find the 20W too bright. The 10W 12V JC type Halogen lamps are widely available at local hardware store. Otherwise, the fixture comes with 20W lamps.

We believe you should be able to use the old wiring and just replace the fixtures. However, please keep in mind that electrical wires tend to wear out over time, so we recommend that you check with your electrician the condition of these wires.

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