Craftmade ceiling fan light kit

I’d like to buy the Craftmade ceiling fan light kit, and would also like to order Craftmade Tiffany Shade Glass (CG-290) light cover. But I want to make sure they will work with the light kit. So will the glass diffuser fit most of the light kits?

Answer: Yes. The glass diffuser Craftmade Tiffany Shade Glass – CG-290 would fit the light kit LK-45. However, we just have found out from Craftmade that the light kit LK-45 has been recently discontinued. Please accept our apology!

The diffuser will fit Craftmade light kits, but we can not gurantee that they will fit any other brands. In most case, they should, as long as the light kit can receive the glass diffuser with 2-1/4″ top opening.

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