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How To Add Personality to your Home

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

In interior design, it’s all about the details and accessories. These interesting objects, books, and lamps add personality to a room’s decor. Whether a space calls for accessories galore or just a well-placed few, adding these eye-catching pieces can complete each room’s unique design. Here are eight ways to bring new life to living spaces inside and out. Please enjoy!

Tabletop Accessories

A glam space requires a sense of restraint in tabletop accessories. A few carefully chosen pieces are all this feminine living room needs—golden elements work beautifully here.

Tabletop Accessories

Accessories that complement artwork hung behind them can enhance both the objects and the art. This image shows just how true that statement is—meticulously stunning.

Tabletop Accessories

Instead of the more expected nightstand, this one is filled with a lovely array of tabletop accessories that show off your personal style.

Tabletop Accessories

This brilliant geometric orange lamp and found objects make for a charming tabletop vignette.

Tabletop Accessories

In an eclectic entryway, a curvy wrought iron table is topped with a few accessories in black, a pop of blue, and a pair of lovely clear glass lamps. A pretty gold mirror and a zebra print bench finish off the design.

Tabletop Accessories

When the tables themselves make a bold style statement, accessories are best kept to a minimum. Here, simple cut flowers and an oversize folio work beautifully.

Tabletop Accessories

Even in outdoor spaces details matter. On this charming porch, tabletop accessories have a nature-related theme. I love the look of the outdoor lanterns against the ceiling and wall stripes.

Tabletop Accessories

Summer entertaining on the patio or by the pool is kicked up a notch when drinks are served from stylish dispensers. These clear glass containers are filled with drinks that look just as good as they will taste.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What are your favorite tabletop accessories? We have a couple we think you will like, Shop Now.

Moroccan Inspired Living

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Moroccan Decor has always been characterized by it’s vibrant colors and textures, great structural and architectural arches, and exquisite furniture. Thousands of people around the world travel to this magnificent North Africa gem to be inspired. Rich in culture and wildly exotic, Morocco is a great starting point for making your space traveler friendly. Here are a few ways of adding a touch of Moroccan to your home with everyday decor items.

Photo via

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Montauk Moroccan Style with Currey & Company

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Moroccan style spaces have been a growing trend for quite a while, they can be seen everywhere  from swanky hotels to beautiful bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This wonderful north African style is characterized by interesting shapes, great use of metals, lanterns, exotic materials and colors.  Currey and Company found a way to create beautiful Moroccan styles, with a  global appeal, by using everything from concrete to seashells.  Each piece of their Montauk Moroccan collection is timeless and reminds us of a rich culture.  While mostly traditional, these pieces are also modern enough to fit into our everyday living spaces, and we love that!

Come and check out some amazing Moroccan inspired rooms and Currey and Company’s stunning Montauk Moroccan collection.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

This stunning lobby used traditional Moroccan elements with a modern approach, a great way of mixing the old world with the new world.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

This beautiful arabesque inspired pendant light is a great way of introducing a Moroccan flair to your living or dining room.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

This calming and serene bedroom has many Moroccan elements such as: the beautiful arches, a large adorned mirror, white airy fabrics, and a concrete bed lift.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

This gorgeous side table can instantly add an exotic and luxurious feel to any space.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

Wonderful hanging lanterns of different shapes and colors are a staple in most Moroccan inspired spaces.

Moroccan Inspired Rooms Montauk Moroccan Collection Currey and Company

Intricate sea shell designs assembled by hand to create this gorgeous and extremely unique side table.

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful Moroccan inspired pieces and bedrooms! Which one inspired you the most? Comment below and make sure to check out the rest of Currey & Company’s stunning products.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Introducing Candice Olson Lighting!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

After many years in the interior design business, and a wildly successful show on HGTV “Divine Design”, Candice Olson wanted to share her signature style with absolutely everyone by creating a line of her own. Candice Olson loves to create timeless pieces that are also accessible and a mixture of traditional elements with modern flair. Her design philosophy states: It is essential to me that my designs are original – that the inspiration and perspective is unique to me. I believe that the essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity – to become classic.

Her great attention to detail and design aesthetic have helped her create coveted collections, and stunning products. We are incredibly delighted to be part of her journey and share all her beautiful pieces with you.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Table Lamp

This eye-catching table lamp has a great satin brass finish and brilliant accents.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home

A beautiful handcrafted and contemporary table lamp made with an abalone shell base.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Table Lamp

A unique laser cut table lamp. Due to handcrafting no two lamps are exactly the same.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Pendant Light

A great modern pendant light inspired by the 60′s era.

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Pendant Lamp

A stunning pendant lamp made of hand-printed satin wedgewood blue paper

Candice Olson Collection Lighting Arcadian Home Chandelier

This timeless chandelier can stand the test of time, and would be a great addition to any room.

We hope you enjoyed looking through the beautiful Candice Olson Collection, and don’t forget to check out more of our new arrivals at Arcadian Home!

Brick by Brick

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

A home made of brick not only keeps a hungry, mischievous wolf from huffing and puffing it down, but also keeps your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

Coloring of bricks depend on the mineral content of the raw materials and the temperature at which the they were baked. For example, white or yellow bricks have higher lime mineral content, while red colored bricks are baked at a higher temperature. Besides the coloring, bricks can be made from various materials such as clay, concrete, or calcium silicate. Natural stone bricks made of granite, limestone, and sandstone are considered more durable but also more time-consuming to make.

Compared to the past, there are less homes now being made entirely of bricks but still contain brick elements such as a brick wall or fireplace. Take in these modern day homes brick by brick to see how the use of bricks has changed since the Great Pyramids and centuries old European cathedrals.

Mediterranean Brick Kitchen
This Mediterranean styled kitchen feels clean and simple with glossy white bricked walls that are effortlessly timeless.

Neutral Brick Kitchen
By leaving the bricks worn and torn, this neutral kitchen eludes a cultured and matured appeal along with the chrome surfaces.

White Painted Brick Living Room
By painting over aged brick, it can easily refresh the interior of a space like this white brick living room.

Ostrich Accented Brick Wall
Varying the pattern or texture of a brick wall can create a more customized design, as well as adding a unique accent such as an ostrich.

Brick Bookshelf
A brick wall can be made functional by laying the bricks to allow for a small nook to act as a bookshelf.

Contrasting Brick Textures
The uniformity of a brick wall can bring out the textures of other home accessories, such as a intricate pillow or the details on the ottoman. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

The power of brick interiors is immense, with the ability to transform a modern space into a historically rich one. Let us know your thoughts about these brick interiors are in the comments section. To find the ideal ceiling light or wall decor to bring out your brick walls, explore our extensive collection.

Back to School Study Rooms

Friday, August 17th, 2012

As summer is ending and fall approaches, students are heading back to school.  It’s time to start hitting the books and study spaces are very important to develop those brilliant minds.  I love creating my own study corner and organizing the desk to my personal taste.  Here are some elegant, modern designs that will inspire creativity and productivity for the home.

Glam Study Rooms

Hints of pink contrast perfectly with the earthly tones.  The calendar decal is a great way to organize your busy schedule.

Magnet Wall Study

What a creative way of using a magnet board. It allows to put up important reminders or put inspiring messages to yourself.   The overhead cabinets allow for easy access to your papers or books.

Creative Office Nook

This personalized work nook can double as a study nook.  The lovely comfortable sitting corner is perfect for late night readings with the pendant light.

Pinboard Study Desk

Another method to organize your schedule is to use this board.  This unique board is separated into sections such as a clock, pinboard, and dry erase board allowing to organize and create your own personalized section.

Spacious Study Space and Bed

This a perfect way to combine your study space and the bed.   I love how the every space is maximized.

Bookshelf Reading Nook

This lovely reading nook is perfect for catching up on any studying.  The arch and the blue wood panels gives an overall nautical design adding to the cozy nook.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What does your favorite study or reading room look like?  Comment below and browse our excellent selection of accent furniture  for the study room at Arcadian Home.

Global Views Tour at the Las Vegas Market 2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

With over 1600 SKU’s in their line, the people at home furnishings and accessories wholesaler, Global Views, pride themselves with exquisite, natural, and quality hand finished products. Their luxurious contemporary and traditional styled products have been featured in several high end magazines and TV shows such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful, The Apprentice, HBO Golden Globes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition among many others. What sets them apart from other wholesale companies is that their products are exclusively designed for Global Views.  In other words, items are not bought overseas and imported from flea markets.

Last week our team at Arcadian Home had the opportunity of touring the Global Views showroom at the 2012 Las Vegas Summer Market. Due to the increasing popularity of this brand among our designers, we decided to scout out what Global Views considers to be some  of their hottest items of 2012 and bring that information back to you.

Upon entering the Global Views showroom, we were met with our representative who gave us a detailed tour of their beautiful grand hall decked out in gold, green, orange and blue with over 200 new items that were debuted at High Point last Fall.

First stop were the hand cast Wall Diver sculptures which, when used in groupings like those above, make an excellent addition to the room serving as pool towel hooks outdoors or bath towel hooks indoors.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The most popularly sold items this year are the petite Climbing Man Wall Sculptures seen below, which can add a unique flavor to any living room design.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Top Hat Lighted Room Divider in the foreground (above) serves dual purpose as a floor lamp and room divider (seen below).  With three frosted glass shades and a black granite base, it offers a nice touch as both lighting and decor.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This is called the “Big Pill Table Lamp” (below) and can make a dashing addition to any room with its neutral, muted oval drum hardback shade with ivory faux silk self trim and silver braid.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Offering a fresh look to any design are the  hand carved honed white Marble Fret table lamp with square shade (above) and matching cocktail table (below) - both popular favorites this year. No two tables or lamps are alike! The table’s dimensions measure 41″L x 41″W x 18″H.

This is a sand casted iron Twig Pendant Light in Nickel, made of real twigs in the casting process. Underneath is a frosted glass diffuser. This item was introduced last October in High Point. A matching Twig Wall Sconce is also available.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Crystal Slab Lamp (below) offers an elegant look with its a hardback rectangular shade covered in ivory silk. Also a new introduction.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This Deco Woman Bowl Stand serves as both sculpture and candleholder/floral pot.  Global Views’ sculptures have won them the ART (Accessories Resource Team) Award 5 times, inducting them into the ARTS Awards Hall of Fame.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Reminiscent of sea urchins, these Boom Wall Sculptures introduced last market are predicted to become the “new” climbing men of next season due to current popularity.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

This Tortoise Glass Pear offers brown and amber tones with its gorgeous Polish hand blown glass. It offers a friendly and soothing glow when light permeates through its glass.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

 These beautiful amber colored large Carnivale Glass Footed bottles are Murano hand blown glass, measuring 47″ in height.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Don’t let these blocks fool you. Though easily mistaken for cubic zirconium, these heavy and high quality Escalier Pillar Contemporary Candle Holder cubes are made of  crystal and serve as popular table decor.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

Another popular wall decor favorite are these Transitional Tumbling Block Wall Cubes in stainless steel, which hang on two keyholes. They can also serve as shelves for vases and pottery.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The Enormous Fluted Pendant holds eight 60W candelabra bulbs and features a round fluted drum hardback shade with white faux silk trim, silver braid and a polished nickel canopy and finish.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

A beautiful hand-blown Murano Glass Leaf Floor Lamp in nickel is displayed below. You can be sure that no two leaves are the same.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers


While there, we also had a chance to walk across the hallway to check out Studio A, their sister company.  While Global Views can be described as trendy and colorful, Studio A can be distinguished by its earthy tones and natural elements.

The global vibe can be seen in this Globus Fossil Vase which is a porcelain fired pot whose glaze finish creates a bubbley reaction at the time it’s manufactured – again, no two pots are the same.  A “volcanic” or “lava” look is well achieved in the fossil color.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The rich and beautifully aged Alta and Deer Valley Wood Panels above the bed below are made of reclaimed wood from India. They offer spectacular texture, fascinating history and are also environmentally friendly.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

With oak-lined quality drawers and doors, you may be surprised that this transitional, neutral Toile Linen Credenza is fabric-wrapped by hand in Belgian linen, then given a multi-layered glazed finish. Fabric wrapping is an exciting art Studio A has revived.  This piece is ideal for a media center.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

New barware additions in 2012 are shown below. The Lab Decanter, Lab Martini Pitcher, and Lab Martini Glasses in Opaline White are featured below.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

The next two pieces both hail from Indonesia and combine eco-friendly materials with high-end design.  Seen below, the Sidney Credenza features a mid-century design look with individually cut and laminated sections of bamboo. Square panels with circular molds are derived when the knucklepiece of the bamboo is cut in half.  The panels are mounted on White Mahogany from Central America to form this design.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

From the same collection is the Sydney Chest and Hutch in natural tones. The hutch can serve as a media cabinet or bar. The Sydney Collection focuses on using renewable materials in a creative way to achieve an aesthetically exciting look. The designers do this by highlighting previously left-over waste from the construction of modular bamboo homes in Indonesia.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

These Tripod Side Tables are new introductions.  Made of a beautiful marble the Global Views team found on the side of the road at a quarry as they were driving to a factory in China, the table features a hand forged iron base with polished grey marble or onyx inset depending on preference.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers

And finally, we finished off the tour with a beautiful display of these  reclaimed Iron Bowls whose rich patina cannot be reproduced. These bowls are often used at construction sites in Asia for carrying concrete and other building materials.

Global Views Latest Trends & Bestsellers


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of Global Views and sister company Studio A! We will be adding the Studio A items to our store shortly. Stay tuned! In the mean time, feel free to shop our Global Views items here.

Light Fixture Trends: Dark Finishes

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

As the trends in the interior design world change, so do the trends in the world of home lighting. With light fixtures, you’ll start to notice more people favoring darker finishes over lighter finishes. Here’s the low down on the dark finish trend for light fixtures and how to incorporate it into your existing home decor.

All About Dark Finishes

Dark Finishes Image

In recent years, lighter finishes including a variety of silvers and nickels, were all the rage for light fixtures. In fact, your home wasn’t modern without a few silver toned light fixtures. In recent months, that trend is changing significantly and the public’s favor is shifting toward darker finishes for their homes, (and not just for light fixtures, but that’s another story).

Dark Finishes Image

One of the more popular finishes re-emerging on the market is the use of bronze finishes. Oil rubbed bronzes are especially popular for light fixtures. They tend to feature a darker body but the finer details may be of a lighter color due to the natural tendencies of the oil rubbed finish. Bronze in general tends to be a darker, earthy color that is perfect for complimenting a variety of decors.

Dark Finishes Image

Other trendy bronze finishes include aged bronze, antique bronze, burnished bronze, crackled bronze, dark bronze, French bronze, oxidized bronze and weathered bronze. Though these are all shades of bronze, they give a different look to the light fixtures, so be open to looking at different shades while shopping.

Dark Finishes Image

Another darker finish that’s making a stand in the world of light fixtures is black. Though many people feel that black is too daring, it does fit the qualifications for this particular trend and furthermore, black is a classic color. It’s a clean, crisp look that comes back year after year, no matter what the trends are. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s trendy this year.

Dark Finishes Image

Other trendy finishes to keep an eye out for if you’re planning to update your home’s light fixtures include wrought iron, pecan finishes, rustic or aged finishes, oxidized brass finishes, oxidized iron, and oak finishes.

Dark Finishes Image

In the end, don’t be afraid to invest in trendy finishes. It’s important to recognize that when it comes to light fixtures, there are a limited number of choices. So even if you find that your chosen finish is out this year, you’ll find that it will be back in in the following years. In fact, this is true of every light fixture finish and color, eventually it will always cycle back into trend. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Go here to see a vast collection of chandeliers with a dark finish.

Using Drum Pendant Lights in Your Home

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Drum pendant lights are not likely to go out of style any time soon, and for good reason. These light fixtures are clean, modern and stylish. In other words: they’re perfect for just about style of home decor. Of course, finding the right places to use them and even finding the right drum pendant lights can be a difficult task. Here’s the low down on using drum pendant lights in your home.

Tips and Tricks for Using Drum Pendant Lights

Drum Pendant Light Image

Drum pendant lights actually come in a number of sizes and there certainly is no “one size fits all” for these light fixtures. With this in mind, you should take note of the size of the area in which you intend to install your drum pendant lights. Since there are so many options out there for drum shade pendants, you’ll want to know exactly how large your space is so that you can choose one that is appropriately sized to the space.

Drum Pendant Light Image

For this reason, you’ll need to pay attention to the diameter. The diameter refers specifically to the diameter of the drum pendant light itself. You can use this number to determine if the light fixture you’ve chosen will fit in a specific area, such as over a dining table or over a kitchen island.

Drum Pendant Light Image

Keep in mind that you can also use these light fixtures elsewhere in the homes. For example, you can use pendant lights of any style in the place of table lamps. However, when do you this, recognize that this is a more permanent type of lighting and you won’t be able to rearrange the room or move the table as easily as you might have with portable light fixtures (lamps).

Drum Pendant Light Image

When shopping for a drum shade pendant light, be sure to pay attention to how many light bulbs are used within the light fixture. You’ll find that in some cases, you’ll need additional lights within the pendant to create the right amount of light for your space. This is especially true if you use a fabric drum shade, as fabric tends to absorb and obscure more light than a glass drum shade pendant light.

Drum Pendant Light Image

Drum shade pendant lights are great because they can be used in just about any space of the home. Their clean lines and the abundance of different colors, patterns and textures available ensures that these light fixtures will suit a variety of decors from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, these pendant lights come in a variety of sizes, which adds to their overall appeal. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Go here to see some more beautiful drum pendant lights!



Natural Materials for Light Fixtures

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

One of the easiest ways to incorporate natural materials into your existing light fixtures is through a new shade. For example, your lamps or even small wall sconces, chandeliers or other light fixtures with shades can all be replaced with more eco-friendly options. However, keep in mind that throwing out shades when they are still in good shape is not eco-friendly, so if you absolutely must throw them out, consider donating them instead so that they go to better use.

Natural Materials For Light Fixtures Image

When looking for new, eco-friendly shades, you have a number of different options. For starters, if you’re planning to purchase new, consider shades with fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles or other recycled fibers. Other eco-friendly fabrics to look for include organic cotton blends, hemp, bamboo blends and so forth.

Natural Materials For Light Fixtures Image

Of course, the most eco-friendly of all choices is to continue using your current shades or to purchase shades from a secondhand, thrift or antique store. So keep this in mind as well, even by keeping your current shades on your light fixtures, you’re staying on trend and remaining eco-friendly.

Natural Materials for Light Fixtures Image

Eventually, light fixtures need to be replaced. Sometimes, there’s just no getting around it. While it’s true you can have your existing light fixtures rewired, sometimes this just isn’t the best choice for whatever reason. With this in mind, there are certain materials that you can choose from when shopping for new light fixtures.

Natural Materials for Light Fixtures Image

For wall sconces, chandeliers, ceiling lights and other light fixtures that feature some type of glass shade, look for fixtures made with recycled glass. Recycled glass comes in a wide array of colors, shapes, sizes and colors, so there’s no reason not to opt for it in the place of newly created glass.

Natural Materials for Light Fixtures Image

For the body of the fixture, it can be a bit more tricky. You may be able to find light fixtures made from reclaimed metals, but it’s still unlikely. Light fixtures made from natural stones may also be an option, but can be costly and hard to come by.

Natural Materials for Light Fixtures Image

Natural materials and going green are all the rage in just about every part of interior design, including in the world of lighting. If you need to update your light fixtures, consider opting for fixtures made from reclaimed, recycled, organic or eco-friendly materials. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Interested in learning more about Eco-friendly lighting? Do yourself a favor and check this out!

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