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A Fanimation Lasting Impact

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Build Your Fan Base

We’re big fans of ceiling fans. (Any device that reduces energy bills while making our home more comfortable gets our vote!) We’ve tracked down three über-powerful, energy-efficient models that add a perfect finishing touch to any environment, whether it be a cozy nook, a family room or a patio.

The difference is in the motor. Most ceiling fans are powered by AC current. In a fan equipped with a DC motor, high-strength magnets that play off copper winding coils, creating magnetic fields that shift and move when power is applied, resulting in continuous rotation. This powerful force creates more torque while using up to 70% less energy than a conventional ceiling fan!


Whether your tastes run from traditional or transitional to tropical, a multi-component DC-power fan that lets you choose your blade style is a smart way to go. That way, you can complement your décor while maximizing the effects of your home’s cooling and heating systems. Most AC- powered fans have only three or four settings, but a DC motor offers six forward and reverse speeds. In summer, create airflow with the forward-motion setting; in winter, put it in reverse to keep warm air circulating in the room. The range of speeds lets you exercise ultimate climate control!


If changing lightbulbs is a low priority, then a fan with an LED light kit is a smart choice. The clean lines and sleek white-frosted glass of the fan in the photo assert an understated attitude while elegantly reducing your carbon footprint. Since LED bulbs consume only 25 watts to achieve a light output comparable to 140 watts of incandescent light, they last more than 60,000 hours, leaving tons of time to invent other solutions for greener living or just take the dog for a walk.


Want a breeze, but not a tsunami? Say hello to tropical cool with an island-style ceiling fan. A DC motor unites effective airflow with calm, quiet performance, which makes it invaluable in spaces where you want to take it easy, like a bedroom or bathroom. For damp environments, look for a UL-listed model with a protective finish. Then kick back and relax!


Are you ready to improve air circulation? Check out some our most recommended Fanimation fans here at Arcadian Lighting.

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“Be a Fan to Win One” Sweepstakes from Casablanca and Hunter Fan Company!

Friday, April 13th, 2012

“Be a Fan to Win One” Sweepstakes!

We are excited to announce that our partner Casablanca Fan Company and its sister company, Hunter are now both members of the Facebook community. To celebrate this, we are happy to announce their first Facebook sweepstakes:  “Be a Fan to Win One”

Casablanca Fan Company is giving away this beautiful 52” Vita Ceiling Fan!

Hunter Fan Company is giving away this gorgeous 52” Contemporary Ceiling Fan!

How to Enter:

  1. “Like” Casablanca Fan Company and Hunter Fan Company on Facebook
  2. Enter the contest on the “Be a Fan to Win One” sweepstakes tab and that’s it!
The sweepstakes run through April 30th, 2012. The winner(s) will be announced the following day on May 1st.
Check out our wide variety of Casablanca fans and find more Vita fans like the one in the contest!

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Contemporary Cultural Style

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and unique light fixtures are just a few of the elements of contemporary cultural style. Create an exotic space that is fresh and modern by using both form as well as function.

Heavenly Contemporary

What’s holier than a living space in an old church? Contemporary furniture brings in the new while the grand piano and expansive geometric windows usher in the old.

Asian influence

Bold colors of green and red as well as stately orchids give this living room and dining room a distinctly Asian feel, complemented by a stylish pendant light.

Tween style

Give the little lady of the house a bedroom with contemporary cultural style with fun and exciting colors. Add a lot of decorative pillows as well as other linens to make the room more welcoming. Make sure to add a floral print rug and playful table lamps and chandelier to brighten up the room.

Utilitarian Mod

A bathroom in organic colours with a Japanese-inspired plant looks streamlined against seagass green walls and modern wall sconces.

Moroccan Flair

Reminiscent of North African seaside retreats, a bedroom with a sheer draping canopy suspended from a wood-slat roof creates instant serenity, and matching table lamps add stylish symmetry.

Backyard Oasis

Contemporary cultural style isn’t only about interior spaces – it can be used outside as well, like a Zen garden complete with stone statues and a manicured landscape.

French Cuisine

Ooh la la! A French-inspired kitchen may appear to be old-fashioned, but the appliances, made to resemble antiques, are state-of-the-art, along with the copper pots, which are both beautiful and useful.

Minimalist Chic

A chic white living room with Swedish-style furniture is taken up a decor-notch with a bauble chandelier and vibrant prints on the walls.

Images: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

What do you think of the post? Comments are welcome! Don’t forget to stop by Arcadian Lighting for more light fixtures for your home!

How to Light Your Bathroom with Style

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Lighting your bathroom is more than installing a few light fixtures. By designing your bathroom lighting system to suit your style, design and decor tastes, you can incorporate your bathroom design theme into a well-lit and comfortable space that you’ll love for years to come. Use these tips and techniques for lighting your bathroom with style for the perfect bathroom remodeling, redecorating or redesigning project every time.

Amazing Design

 Bathroom Lighting


It all starts with your bathroom design. By designing your lighting system around your bathroom fixtures, faucets and task areas you can easily create a bathroom lighting style that fits perfectly into your bathroom design. It’s a good idea to begin your lighting design by drawing a blueprint. Measure the dimensions of your bathroom using a tape measure and transfer the dimensions to your sketch. You don’t have to be an artist to create a good blueprint. By using a CAD program, you can easily enter your bathrooms dimensions into the computer and overlay lighting options for the perfect bathroom lighting design.

Task Lighting

 Task Lighting


Task lights are one of the most important parts of any bathroom design. Without the right task lights, brushing your teeth, taking a shower and putting on makeup can be difficult at best. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate these lights into your design first, and then allow other lighting sources to add to the effect. Stylish task lighting options include lighted make-up mirrors, monorail track lights and bath exhaust fans. An exhaust fan with a light kit can add a look of elegance to your lighting design as well as create the perfect ventilation system for alleviating moisture in the bathroom.

Ambient Lighting

 Ambient Lighting


Lighting options like task lights tend to focus light to specific places in the bathroom. Ambient light sources make up for the dead space that task lighting can’t cover. Shadows and dead spots are eliminated easily using an ambient lighting source. From florescent box lights to recessed flush ceiling lights, ambient bathroom lighting is a functional and fashionable lighting option perfect for any bathroom design theme.

Accent Lights

 Accent Lighting


Because your bathroom design is what you want to notice most, accent lighting can play an important role in bathroom lighting. Accent lights showcase wall art, decor items and bathroom design themes perfectly. Typically, these lighting options are designed to point a directional spotlight onto a surface, space or area in your bathroom—similar to task lighting, but they can also be part of the decor themselves. Track lighting, pendant lights and monorail lights are all great ways to showcase your decor and your lights.

See all these lighting options and more here.

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Three Eco-Friendly Lighting Fixtures

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Whether you are getting new lights for your bathroom remodeling project or you’re adding them to your new foyer, lighting fixtures don’t have to be energy hogs to work well. In fact, by using one or all of these eco-friendly light sources, you can help decrease your eco-footprint as well as decrease your electric bill. But no matter what lighting source you decide to buy, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional electrician to install them. With the addition of a dimmer switch, these light sources can become even more eco-friendly by allowing you to control the exact amount of light you need, exactly when you need it most.

LED Lighting Fixtures

Beckwith Interiors via Design Shuffle

Take the LED

One of the best ways to efficiently light any room in the house is through the use of LED’s. Light emitting diodes or LED’s use a small electric charge to efficiently create a small source of light. When these small sources are packed together tightly, they produce as much energy as a conventional light bulb but for a fraction of electricity. For instance a 60 watt incandescent light bulb is just as bright as a four watt LED system. Not only do the lights work more energy efficiently, they also create far less heat. This means the overall ambient air temperature of your house will go down, allowing your HVAC system to work at maximum efficiency.

LED Lighting Fixtures

Craig and Buchanan via Design Shuffle

LED Light Sources: LED under cabinet lighting works best in the kitchen and bathroom areas. LED strip lights work well above cabinets, in alcoves and on porches.

Win the Pendant

Pendant lighting is a great source for task lighting above counter spaces, over furniture and even outdoors. Stylish design and practical use make this lighting fixture a must have in just about any room in the house. With the addition of a CFL or LED bulb, energy efficiency increases exponentially.

Pendant Lighting Sources: The shade or cover of the pendant lamp can be green too. Look for a recycled paper, bamboo or other natural material for the ultimate in eco-friendly lighting.

Pendant Lighting

Hubbardton Forge via Design Shuffle

I’m Your Biggest Fan

A fan is more than just a great way to keep cool. It also helps give your HVAC a break when it’s working overtime on a hot day or cold night. Fans help circulate the air and help keep ambient air temperatures consistent. A ceiling fans light kit adds to the energy efficiency of the unit by allowing you to add an ambient light source using CFL or LED bulbs. Once a dimmer switch has been added to the fan and light kit, it works pulling double duty as an ecofriendly light and ventilation system.

Fanimation via Design Shuffle

Ceiling Fan Light Sources: A fan that’s controlled by remote control can add to the features of the fan while still allowing it to be ecofriendly.

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Choosing a Light Kit for your Ceiling Fan

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

A ceiling fan is the ultimate solution to cooling and heating efficiency in just about any room. By circulating air around the room—whether it’s heated or cooled by central HVAC systems—a ceiling fan helps to raise or lower ambient temperatures of the room, thereby decreasing the need for the air conditioner or heater. But a ceiling fan without a light kit is only taking advantage of half of what a fan can offer any room. Use this guide to buying a ceiling fan light fixture when you’re in the market for a new fan and you’ll be sure to get the exact light kit to fit your design.

With or without you

Many ceiling fans kits that come straight out of the box might have a light kit or not. Before you buy any ceiling fan, always check to see if it comes with a light kit or not. Further examination should reveal if the fan will accept a light kit at all. Always double check manufacturer’s specification to ensure your new ceiling fan is capable of accepting a light kit.

Kichler Ceiling Fan

Installation Tip: Not only does the fan have to be adaptable to fit the light kit, but the light kit should be of the same brand name or a universal design that fits most major brands.

Hang low, sweet chariot

Whether you plan on installing a light kit on an existing ceiling fan or installing a new fan and kit, height restrictions must be taken into consideration before you choose any fan or light kit. Always take a measurement of the bottom of the existing fan housing. Manufacturer’s specifications always tell you the height of the new light kit. Add this to your fans overall height to find the true dimensions of your new light to see if you can safely navigate around it or not.

Tropical Fanimation Ceiling Fan

Installation Tip: It’s easy to get the right fan and the right light kit height even if you have low ceilings. Flushmount ceiling fans can give you just the room you need to install your ceiling fans light kit at the perfect height.

The great outdoors

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the usefulness and pleasure of a fan. Outdoor porch fans are specially designed to take the brunt of outdoor conditions like moisture, heat and dust. Make sure that any ceiling fan you buy is specifically designed for outdoor use and is UL approved for safety. And the same holds true for the fan light kit. Outdoor light kits are installed with moisture proof gaskets that prevent damage to precious electronics in the ballast.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Installation Tip: Outdoor ceiling fans install just like a conventional fan with the exception that rubber gaskets are used to keep water out of the housing. Always ensure these gaskets are well sealed during installation to prolong the life of your ceiling fan and light kit.

Images 1 | 2 | 3

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Designer Ceiling Fans – The Style Beyond Purpose

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

A gentle touch of breeze on the skin, a simple relief from the heat of summer, and an ingenious ventilation idea that does not take floor space – these are just some of the finest qualities that ceiling fans are known for. They are popular in classic home décor and just as useful in contemporary interior design.

And although prized for its use, the ceiling fans of the modern era has simply transcended beyond the meaning of ‘purpose’. Nowadays, they are more of a fashion statement than a necessity. And even on instances when they are not really needed, say for example in the case of a fully-air-conditioned villa, they are still installed because of their decorative beauty.

But in interior design, the beauty of something is adored only when it harmonizes with its surrounding. Say for example with a beautifully crafted Victorian style ceiling fan with light. Such a gem will only sparkle when it matches the interior design of the room where it is installed.

Fanimation 52'' Americana Traditional Ceiling Fan

Fanimation 52” Americana Traditional Ceiling Fan (via)

The ceiling fan featured above is an exquisite and breathtaking example of a turn-of-the-century ceiling fan. The unmistakable floral curves of the metal work denote pure classical style. And the choice of wooden blades is perfect for the overall theme of the design. The room above features very vivid classic elements. A decor as such would be the perfect environment for a beautifully crafted traditional ceiling fan and will definitely complement each other.

Fanimation Punkah Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Punkah Ceiling Fan (via)

For people with a unique taste for earthy elements or fresh country style interior design, a ceiling fan that features natural elements would be the perfect match. Normally, such ceiling fans would mimic objects in nature such as flowers, petals, butterflies, and others. Also, the color of choice is usually anything earth-tone.

Now here is one good example of a naturalistic ceiling fan which beautifully features an earthy off white / golden hue. The unique design of the blades very closely imitates elements found in nature. It is a very good choice for home liek the one pictured above. The decor still retains modern with the table decor placed on the dining table. Everything in this room is in harmony and the overall impact of visitors will be delighted.

But while there is beauty in the classic that will not die, many people of the modern era are starting to prefer contemporary home décor. If you are one of them, you will surely love a simplistic and minimalistic ceiling fan like the one shown below.

Fanimation Centaurus 54'' Tropical Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Centaurus 54” Tropical Ceiling Fan (via)

For a more modern feel, many people also love the idea of getting ceiling fans that come with a remote control. Remote ceiling fans are not only decorative, but they also provide the kind of comfort and ease of living that is the characteristic of modern life.

But of course, the selection of ceiling fans is a matter of personal taste, just as with designer bags, shoes, and clothes. Let your imagination run wild and put some fire into your creativity and you will surely come up with a brilliant home décor idea.


Quorum Lighting 56'' Salon Transitional Ceiling Fan Smaller Version

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


Please tell me if this Quorum Lighting 56” Salon Transitional Ceiling Fan – QR-83565-86 comes in a smaller size. The website shows 56″. That’s too big for me. I love this ceiling fan but I would need a small version of it to fit in my room!


Quorum Lighting 56" Salon Transitional Ceiling Fan
Quorum Lighting 56″ Salon Transitional Ceiling Fan

Quorum Lighting does not make a smaller version of the Salon fan. However, Savoy House Lighting, another reputable manufacturer has a 52″ Salon fan that is very similar:

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Casablanca Fan Victorian Four-Arm Center-Stem Incandescent Fitter

Monday, September 20th, 2010


I would like to order this Casablanca Fan Victorian Four-Arm Center-Stem Incandescent Fitter – CASA-K44V today along with a compatible fan and shades. Please tell me which ceiling fan is compatible with this light kit.


Casablanca Fan Victorian Four-Arm Center-Stem Incandescent Fitter
Casablanca Fan Victorian Four-Arm Center-Stem Incandescent Fitter

This ceiling fan light kit from Casablanca Fans is compatible with Casablanca Fan 46” or 54” Victorian Transitional Ceiling Fan – CASA-63. The different shade options can be found at the bottom of the following link below.

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Fanimation Treventi 56'' Transitional Ceiling Fan – Exotic Beauty Series

Monday, September 13th, 2010


Does this Fanimation Treventi 56” Transitional Ceiling Fan – Exotic Beauty Series – FM-MA25AC include everything in the picture (motor, blades, light)? How many ceiling fans do you have in stock?


Fanimation Treventi 56" Transitional Ceiling Fan - Exotic Beauty Series
Fanimation Treventi 56″ Transitional Ceiling Fan – Exotic Beauty Series

Per the item description in this ceiling fan from Fanimation, “Motor housing , Slide Kit and Blade Sets (sold separately)”.

Here are some motor housing options:

Blade options:

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