Cal Lighting Mica Floor Lamp Instructions

I am writing regarding the Cal Lighting San Gabriel Mica Floor Lamp BO-217. I am having some trouble putting this light fixture together. I got the top part of it assembled fine, but the base of the lamp confuses me. The top section of the lamp is screwed into the bottom heavy section of the base. The cord seems to be in the way of attaching the screw and the wing-nut through. This makes it appear to be impossible to attach the top and bottom together! Help!

Answer: The cord is underneath the bottom weight. First, put on the screw and wingnut by attaching it to the cord. The cord goes underneath the weight, and the nut holds on the screw which secures the top. Then, pull the cord down until it stops and then place the weight on top.

If you need more help, you can contact Cal Lighting’s Tech Support ¬†and further describe the problem with assembling the base at 800-321-6677. Simply ask for Tech Support and give the item number as BO-217.

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