Access Lighting Marine Grade Finish for Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

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Access Lighting Poseiden Modern / Contemporary Outdoor Wall Sconce - AC-20385-MG

Access Lighting Poseiden Modern / Contemporary Outdoor Wall Sconce - AC-20385-MG

Access Lighting, where exclusivity meets affordability, is proud of the reputation that it has built with its soft contemporary outdoor collection that uses a protective Marine Grade Finish.  These beautiful and clean lighting fixtures boast the use of a strong powder coating that is both UV Resistant and Non-corrosive.

The wet location finish protects the product from extreme saline conditions, including properties in close proximity to the sea.  All Access Lighting Marine Grade Products are backed by 2 Year Limited Warranty.

About Access Lighting

Contemporary lighting that is exclusive and affordable; these are the fundamental concepts that define Access Lighting.  Combine these ingredients with a desire to provide phenomenal service and timely shipping, and you have a clear understanding for the drive behind Access Lighting and the reason that it has blossomed into your source for both residential and commercial contemporary lighting.

Access Lighting is family owned and operated by individuals who have a genuine desire to provide “good old-fashioned” customer service fueled by honesty and integrity.  This approach to business can be found in each and every associate, all of whom work tirelessly to make every interaction with Access Lighting a pleasurable experience.

Access Lighting makes every attempt to obtain product that offers great options for a variety of spaces, including bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and outdoor applications.

Access chooses lighting that is extraordinary, affordable and cutting edge.  Their energy efficient program includes a comprehensive selection of fluorescent fixtures, custom built to meet your needs.  In addition, Access stays abreast of the latest technology which is evident in their growing collection of contemporary LED fixtures.



Access Lighting Poseidon Marine Grade Contemporary Outdoor Bulkhead Light - AC-20342

  1. What is the difference between a Marine Grade Finish and a typical Outdoor Finish?
    The finish that is incorporated on the Marine Grade fixtures is a proven extra durable Powder coating originating from Germany and used exclusively in extreme environmental conditions.  This powder coating is particularly effective in extreme saline conditions such as the near ocean, as well as areas where the air is heavy, hot and corrosive from pollution, such as the dessert or heavy industrial and urban locations.
  2. What is the warranty on the product?
    – All Access Lighting fixtures extend a 1 year warranty – however, for the protective coat on the marine grade products, Access extends a 2 year warranty.
  3. Does Access Lighting have energy efficient product that uses the Marine Grade Finish?
    – Absolutely – Access has both Fluorescent and LED options for many of its outdoor products.  In fact, many of the products meet both Title 24 and Energy Star requirements.
  4. Where does Access obtain its LED chips?
    Access is proud to purchase their chips from Cree – a leader in LED Chip Technology.
  5. Are there customizable energy efficient options for Access’s fixtures – even though they aren’t listed on the website?  How about 220v?
    – Yes and Yes.  Access makes every effort to have the capability of meeting just about any need in residential and commercial settings. Feel free to contact us we’d be happy to walk you through the process of customization.
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