Access lighting bathroom light replacement bulbs

I purchased 2 Access Lighting Onda ADA Contemporary Vanity Bathroom Light – AC-62069. The units hold 5 halogen bulbs: G8.0 120v 50w. The problem I am having is I can not find replacement bulbs which will fit in the bathroom lighting fixtures. All replacement bulbs I have located are longer than the original bulbs and will not fit inside the glass protection covers. The original bulbs are 1-1/2″ long, and replacement bulbs are 1-7/8 to over 2″ long; the protection covers are the same length as the old bulbs (1-1/2″).

Please advise me on where I can purchase bulbs that fit or if I can purchase longer protection covers for longer bulbs.

Answer: We called Access Lighting, the manufacturer of AC-62069 – bathroom light and they advised that the bulbs should be available locally. We explained the problem that you are running to and they advised that the bulbs can be ordered from them. So, we can sell the bulbs to you. The model number of the bulb is G8-50W and the cost is $4.00/each plus $10.00 for shipping and handling. We can have the bulbs shipped out to you as soon as tomorrow if you decide you would like to purchase them. To place the order, you can call our toll free 888-918-8030 number.

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