A Guest Post Over at ESI Interiors

Today we are visiting London based interior design blog, ESI.info Interior Design! Their blog is full of new ideas and products for architects, interior designers and other design professionals in the UK.  ESI.info is a product comparison website for architects, interior designers and other professional specifiers in the U.K. Their goal is “helping you create better environments for living”. Right now, Jenn is over there chatting it up about design inspirations of contemporary lighting. We hope you enjoy the post. Feel free to drop by ESI.info’s interior design blog and read on! Here’s a quick excerpt:

Traditional lighting has reigned supreme for decades but it’s only been more recently that designers have looked outside the lightbox and reinvented a myriad of lighting fixtures – today there’s no shortage of contemporary lighting to choose from. Created like works of art and used as task as well as accent lighting, here are eight modish fixtures that demonstrate the wide range of stylish possibilities.


Contemporary Lighting

H on over to check out this London based company’s lovely  lighting selections now! Thank you so much Owen for letting us guest post on your blog!

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