4 Stunning Lamps: Going Beyond The Ordinary Form

Think of ‘lamps’ and an image of what a lamp should be like will pop into your mind. People have a very definitive idea of how lamps should look like. In this article, you will witness floor lamps and desk lamps that are out of the ordinary. These lamps takes the form something quite bizarre, and yet they are still stylish and stunning. They deviated so much from the widely accepted shape and in doing so they opened up new ideas that are fresh and intriguing as well.

Varaluz Shaken Contemporary Torchiere Lamp

If you love circles or any pattern with rounds and rings, this is the lamp that is for you. The very idea of replacing the old and simplistic slim stand with a series of rings joined together in a chain-like fashion is indeed innovative.


And the imagination that comes with this lamp is very toxic and contagious. Looking at it, it makes your imagination go wild. Probably a guest or two will remain awestruck for a couple of seconds looking at its exquisite form.

Cal Lighting Oak Park Art Deco Torchiere Lamp

Set your eyes on the captivating design of this lamp and you will instantly be transported to the realm of the gods. Yes, this lamp simply reminds you of the Greek goddess Athena. The strong Athenian sentiments of this lamp may be thanks to its light golden wreaths, but the overall look seems worthy of Olympus.


The silvery white finish of this fine lighting fixture even adds to that godly image. And at the base, you will see a beautifully sculpted rose image in a stunning light golden hue.

Lite Source CALYPSO Contemporary Floor Lamp

Lamps are often thought of as a classical figure – something that belongs to classic homes, brick manors, and marble mansions. But with a little playfulness, it can come just as youthful and daring.


Something like the Lite Source CALYPSO Contemporary Floor Lamp is exactly just that! And instead of one head, it has five. Each feature different colors which reminds you of a painter’s palette. It is vibrant, energetic, and bursting with youth.

Murray Feiss Aubrey Transitional Table Lamp

Lighting fixtures are supposed to look like one. Some, however, so skillfully manages to look like something else in a very stylish way.


Take a look at the Murray Feiss Aubrey Transitional Table Lamp for example. If it was not lighted, you would probably wonder what it is. You can mistake it for a mini gong or even a mirror, but the idea is very inventive at best and quite intriguing.

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