3 Benefits To Going Green with Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting has always been a leader and trendsetter in the world of decorative lighting.  Their commitment to consumers, homeowners and homebuilders is to provide products that maximize energy savings without sacrificing aesthetics.  If that wasn’t already difficult enough, Progress also has a strong focus on “going green”.  I know that when I watch light show videos, I think of Progress Lighting and how environmentally safe their lights are.

What does “going green” mean?

When it comes to lighting, green friendly products cause less damage to our environment versus traditional lighting products, such as incandescent bulbs.  They illuminate better and also reduce power consumption.

So what are the benefits of going green?

1. More Light  – Standard incandescent bulbs have a very poor lamp and lose most of their energy to heat.  In comparison, compact fluorescent lamps(CFL) are filled with low pressure gas.  These CFLs generate significantly more light per watt than incandescent lamps and have a superior lamp life.  A 20-watt CFL has about the same light output as a 100-watt incandescent, and uses 50-80% less energy.

2. Less Money – There is a large discrepancy between the cost of CFLs vs. incandescent bulbs.

  • CFL Total Cost = Cost of energy over lamp life($40.60) + Cost of one bulb($9.00) = $49.60
  • Incandescent Total Cost = [Cost of energy for one bulb($9.85) + Cost of one bulb($.50)] X 10 = $103.50

$53.90 in savings for using a better light!

3. A Healthier Environment – Less energy consumption is always good for the environment.  The longer lifespan of CFLs also means there isn’t a need to continually replace the bulbs.  What does this mean? Less waste.

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