2012 Trends in Lighting: Chandelettes

When it comes to the latest and greatest in light fixtures, chandelettes are the newest trend. These smaller sized chandeliers are being used in nearly every room of the home from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bedroom to the family room, and it’s even popping up in a few upscale closets. Here’s the low down on these light fixtures, what they are and how they differ from traditional chandeliers.

What is the Difference Between Chandeliers and Chandelettes?

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Before you hit the stores to find the latest and greatest in trendy chandelettes, you’ve got to know what the difference is between these two light fixtures. Not knowing the difference could result in you purchasing the wrong type of light fixture and no one wants that.

By definition, a chandelier must meet a minimum of twelve inches in diameter. If it is not at least twelve inches in diameter, it does not qualify as a chandelier. Typically this resulted in the smaller sizes being referred to as foyer lights, pendant lights and so forth. However, as design concepts expand, chandeliers that are smaller than twelve inches in diameter are referred to as chandelettes.

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Of course, these light fixtures can only get so small in size before they move from the “chandelette” category to the “pendant light” category. Chandelettes are defined as light fixtures that are a minimum of nine inches in diameter, but no larger than twelve inches in diameter. This means that there is a small amount of crossover, though usually most manufacturers will define the fixture with a twelve inch diameter as a chandelier, not a chandelette.

What Styles of Chandelettes are Available and Where can I use Them in my own Home?

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Since chandelettes and chandeliers have grown immensely in popularity, there are no limits to the design styles of these light fixtures. You can find contemporary and modern fixtures, rustic chandelettes, traditional chandelettes, mid century modern replicas, Tiffany style and so forth. With these light fixtures, the styles are endless. Just be willing to look around for the right one to suit your space and your tastes.

The great thing about the chandelette is that it’s smaller size translates into more opportunities for use. In fact, you could even use a small nine inch (diameter) chandelette in your walk in closet if you desired.

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Depending on the style of chandelette you’ve chosen will affect where you can place it in your home. For example, simple versions of these light fixtures could be used in the place of pendant lights, especially over a large kitchen island or even to replace table lamps in a bedroom.

The more complex or ornate the style and decorations are on your chosen chandelette light fixture, the more you may want to limit its use. In these situations, you may find that you can use them as your general lighting fixture (in place of your standard flush mount or semi flush mount ceiling light).

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In short, you’ll need to evaluate your chosen chandelette on a case-by-case basis. Thanks to changing trends, there is no set guide for what chandelettes or chandeliers can be used where, when and how. You have to determine where you are most comfortable installing these light fixtures. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Chandelettes are a wonderful way to enrich your space! Why not add beauty to the outside of your home too by selecting one of our lovely outdoor lanterns!?

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