2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

Resin lamps themselves are not a new concept, but they are growing significantly in popularity in recent years. In 2012, you can expect to see an increase in resin lamps on the market, as these light fixtures have proven themselves to be extremely versatile in both style, size and shape. Here’s the low down on resin lamps in 2012.

2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

 What is Resin?

Resin can be either natural or synthetic, though with lighting fixtures, a synthetic variety tends to be more commonly used as natural resins can be extremely flammable. Synthetic or artificial resins are more versatile in the respect that they can be colored various hues; whereas natural resins tend to have a natural brown or amber coloring to them that is difficult to remove or recolor.

2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

Synthetic resins can be used to create molds, which are perfect for creating bases for lamps and other light fixtures. Synthetic resins are also safer and easier to cure or stabilize, which is ideal for production, especially when it comes to light fixtures.

Resin Lamps and other Resin Light Fixtures

Resin lamps typically feature a traditional shape or style but the look of the resin mold gives it a modern, updated look. Urn shapes, which are popular with the traditional style of decor, are particularly popular with resin lamps. These resin lamps come in a wide array of colors from aquamarine to mustard yellow and everything in between.

2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

As with any trend, there are certain colors that are more popular than others. With resin lamps, look for hues such as tangerine, mustard yellow, plum purple and various shades of gray, which are also popular if you’re looking for a more neutral but still modern styled set of resin lamps. Other popular colors to keep an eye out for include aquamarine, grass green and poppy red.

2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

Of course, it should be no surprise that resin isn’t just popping up in the world of table lamps. Resin light fixtures are everywhere from chandeliers (or chandelettes) to wall sconces and everything in between. With this in mind, recognize that resin is a widely used material and it comes in a wide array of looks. For the trendiest looks, you’ll want to opt for resin lamps and other light fixtures that feature a somewhat see-through, more translucent or transparent.

2012 Lighting Trends: Resin Lamps

While resin itself won’t go away any time soon, the trend in which colorful but translucent table lamps and other light fixtures are popular will only stick around for a limited time. This trendy look is great for children’s rooms, bedrooms and other spaces in the home that need a touch of whimsy or color. If you’re looking to update your lamps, consider a set of resin lamps for your space. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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