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Nora Track Light System for Kitchen Lighting

Monday, November 13th, 2006

I have been looking for track lighting for my kitchen. I have a 120v wire on a ceiling beam where I want to connect a track and lights. Most of the systems have a round transformer that is too large to fit on the beam. The beam is 5 1/2 ” wide. The Nora system looks as if it might work (I only need a four foot expanse). However, I simply can’t figure out what pieces I need to create the system. Do you have to use the round power canopy or can you just use the straight power connecter? Is there a kit? I could sure use some help on this.

Answer: Please confirm with an electrician that there is an electrical junction box for the outlet wires. If so try the following items:

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo-Compatible Live End Feed with Canopy NT 352

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo-Compatible Live End Feed With Canopy NT 311

Nora Lighting 3-Wire Halo Compatible Floating Canopy Feed NT 307

For the four foot track, ¬†click here. ¬

Tiella Sola Rail Light Kit

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

The white shades that come with this Sola monorail lighting kit appear to have a reddish tint when lit. Have you had any inquiries about this previously? Also, if we purchase the new light shades listed in your catalogue is it $34.95 per shade or is the price for a kit of 5?

Answer: The reddish tint to the shade is due to the MR16 halogen lamp. I would recommend that you try to get a different low voltage 12V MR16 lamp (i.e. GE Constant Color MR16 for picture light) from a local hardware store. As for the Tiella Glass Shade Accessory for Sola, they are sold for $34.95 each.

Halogen vs Compact Flourescent Light Fixtures

Friday, November 10th, 2006

What are the differences, including pros/cons, between halogen and flourescent?

Answer: The lighting fixture with a halogen lamp is cheaper as an initial investment. However, it will take more electricity in the long run and is much hotter.

The compact flourescent (CF) version is more expensive because there is ballast involved. The lamp itself is also  more expensive to replace, if needed.  It requires only about one fourth of the electricity for the same brightness and is at a cooler temperature.

Troy Lighting Alhambra Traditional Wall Sconce Light Fixture

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

The Troy Lighting Alhambra Traditional Wall Sconce (TL-BS8276-NB)  is displayed on your site with shades. Would it be suitable to mount it without the use of shades, exposing the bare candelabra bulbs as is seen with many other light fixtures of this type? Are the bulbs for this particular light fixture the narrow candelabra bulb or the fatter torpedo shaped type? And, again, would this wall light fixture  be as attractive without shades?

Answer: ¬†Yes, the wall sconce can be used without a shade. The socket is a candelabra base; you can use either the narrow candelabra bulb or the fatter torpedo lamp as long as it can fit the candelabra socket and doesn’t exceed 60 watts. As far as whether without the shades the wall sconce will look attractive, it really depends on your personal preference. The wall sconce will look fine without the shades.

Compatibility for Craftmade Outdoor Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Will this Craftmade Wire Cage Glass Outdoor Ceiling Fan Light KitOLK13  fit a Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze outdoor ceiling fan?  

Answer: We contacted Craftmade with your query. They said that the OLK13 is a universal light kit, but that Hampton Bay is not their product, they can’t say what other ceiling ¬†fans it would fit on. We think that this kit is compatible with the Hampton Bay fans, but we ¬†recommend that the fan manufacturer should match the brand of light kit.

LBL Lighting Hemisphere Grande Ceiling Light – JC436

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Good morning. A month ago I checked with you on the availability of the LBL JC436 ceiling light fixture  and was told that it was backordered due to the Italian manufacturer being shut down. Could you please re-check the availability now and let me know as soon as possible? I will be utilizing these lights on an Italian-built boat and also  wondered if they could be drop-shipped to the Genoa area. Thank you.

Answer: We contacted LBL Lighting  today and the JC436 with Alabaster Glass  lighting fixture  is backordered until the end of November. The Opal Glass is in stock and there is a two week production wait. At  this time, we only ship to the continental U.S.

Access Lighting Helium Contemporary Vanity Bathroom Light Mounting Options

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

I’m wondering if the Access Lighting bathroom light fixture (AC-62043) ¬†can be mounted vertically?

Answer: You can mount the AC-62043 vertically, however it is not recommended. This bathroom light fixture has an opening on the top ONLY and not at the bottom. Thus, when you turn it 90 degrees, it will show the opening on one side only. If you are interested in seeing what the bottom looks like, consult this item description of another item from the same family of bathroom lighting.

Unknown Model of Craftmade Ceiling Fan

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

My husband and I just bought a 2-year old model home which came with 3 Craftmade ceiling fans. No paperwork on the fans was left for us and I cannot find the model number, just the name. It has an alabaster globe which is really snugly fit to the unit. We aren’t sure if we can pop it off or if we can drop the unit flush to the ceiling. These fans are very pretty and we don’t want to ruin them. Can you help?

Answer: We aren’t sure if we can help you much without looking at the fixture itself. We can give you a helpful number. Call Craftmade and speak to their technical support at (800) 486-4892. They might be able to help you find the right part you need. If you just need a light bulb, you should be able to find one locally. Please remember to ask Craftmade for a reference to a dealer where you can buy replacement parts from in your area. At this time, ¬†we do ¬†not sell replacement parts.

Dusk to Dawn Kit/Photocell and Outdoor Light Fixtures

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

I am looking for designs similar to Quoizel Lighting ¬†Rosemont Traditional Outdoor Lighting Fixture that will turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. The fixture I have in mind does not need to have motion detection. This light fixture will be used on a porch ceiling, but it doesn’t need to be weather-proof as the mounting location is not exposed to the elements. I also wondered if ¬†a “dusk to dawn” kit exists to fit to any standard ceiling mount light fixture. Thanks for your help.

Answer: Arcadian does not carry any “dusk to dawn” outdoor lighting ¬†fixtures in that style. We do have a few limited wall sconces such as the Craftmade outdoor wall sconce ¬†with the “dusk to dawn” ¬†feature, but they are in a completely different style. We also do not carry the kit/photocell to convert the light fixtures.

Kenroy Trough Contemporary Wall Sconce KR-66120-BP

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

I would like to know how soon I can receive three of the Kenroy  Trough Contemporary Wall Sconce if ordered this week? Do you have them in stock or how long is the wait  when I order? Please let me know.

Answer: Unfortunately, the  Iron Wall Sconce  you have inquired about is currently on backorder and has a one month lead time.

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