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Why Does the Price Change When I Check Out?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

I was trying to order the LBL Pendant Light model HS331. It states that your price on this light fixture is $144.00 and at the bottom of the page it lists $164.00. Why is it when I order it, it  lists at $184.00?

The HS331 “monorail version” is  $144. It’s $184.00 for the “monopoint version” for individual installation. The HS341 “monorail version” is $164. “monopoint version” is $204. The HS341 Cone II Pendant Light costs more because it has an inner borosilicate glass cone. Hope this  clarifies your inquiry.  

Do You Have Juno Compatable Track Lighting?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

I currently have Juno standard track lighting in my apartment. I would like to keep the track, since it is a bit messy to replace it, but would prefer to change the spotlights (fixtures). My question is whether the spotlights shown in your website are compatible with Juno standard track light, specifically:

Nora Lighting Belgium Gimbal Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-132
Nora Lighting Metro Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-619S
Nora Lighting Italia Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-618S

Unfortunately, our track lights are not compatible with Juno tracks. Ours are Halo-compatible, which is the most widely-used standard. You  would most likely  have to look elsewhere to get Juno-compatible track lights. We apologise that we couldn’t additionally assist you. For more information about track lighting and the  different kinds  available, please visit our track lighting tutorial page.

Designers Fountain Bathroom Lights

Monday, August 21st, 2006

I am interested in purchasing Model 4165-SA Designers Fountain Bathroom Vanity light with five lamps in the  sandstone color. Do you have the same style with only three or four lamps?

Answer: There was a 3-light version available. Unfortunately, that has been discontinued. So the answer is no. We apologize but please look through our other bathroom lights for other options.

Lite Source ORB Ceiling Light

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The Lite Souce ORB ceiling light item # LS-1082-C-FRO says it come with a 43.5″ retrackable cord I have a 15 foot high ceiling. Can I get a 90″ cord for it?

Unfortunately, it’s probably not workable for your situation, because there is a transformer that sits inside the canopy of the light fixture, that makes extending the cord a bit more difficult. Also, if we extend the cord, the transformer may not work well because it may be too  far away from the lamps.

Meyda Tiffany Chandelier Chain and Canopy

Monday, August 21st, 2006

For the Meyda Tiffany Country Bungalow 4-light chandelier, MD – 27621, the picture does not show the cord/chain/stem that it hangs on. Which does it hang on, what kind of canopy does it have, and do I understand correctly that it’s height can vary from 22″ to 56″? Also, is it available right now?

This light fixture hangs on a chain. It has a square canopy that is  measured 5″x 5″. The chain length is 3′, but if you need the chain to be longer, that can be customized. The height of 22″ to 56″ primarily referrs to adjusting the default chain length. The shades are currently out of stock. They are expected to come in between mid to late September. Hope this helps.

Help With Completing a Tech Lighting Monorail System

Friday, August 18th, 2006

I have a Tech Lighting  monorail system. When I order the pyramid pendant light item #700FPYR,  I need to also order the monorail freejack item # 700MOCHED. Is there anything else I will need to connect the light to the monorail system?

Answer: You are correct.  You just need the pendant light and the monorail adaptor.

What Is Dabmar's Verde Green?

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

I am interested in ordering 11 of model #D-5000,  Dabmar lights. I am not able to view the finishes of this pagoda light  on your website. Please let me know if the green or verde green color is a lighter green.

Answer: You can see the green finish here on model # LV-102

With the Verde Green finish, it’s going to be darker and has black freckles all over. It’s basically a black finish fixture painted over with green paint, which does not sound like what you are looking for. If you purchase the D-5000 Pagoda Light, you might also need risers, which can be found here:    

Customer Comments On Superior Service

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Thank you so very much for superior customer service. I ordered the Zig Nido Vanity lights 49″ (2 each)  on August 1st, they shipped out on the 4th and were at my door on the 10th! Packing was great, no physcial damage noted. I will order again!!! Please tell Sandy thank you for her super service and correspondence with me. Your advertisement is right on target. Keep up the outstanding service and I look forward to doing business with you very soon as well as referring others to you for all their lighting needs.

Comments: Customer Jean F. ordered Access Lighting, bathroom light Item # AC-63961 Zig Nido Vanity Light.

Upgrade Old Recessed Lights with Tech Lighting

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

We have about 15 recessed can lights in our home that we do not like. I noticed your Tech Lighting Free Jack Recessed Can Adaptor  Canopy  Model# 700FJRCAD retrofit adapter. Do you have this without transformer? We would like to install standard flushmount fixtures with 110v compact flourescents right over the cans.

Answer: We don’t have 700FJRCAD without the transformer.   The 700FJRCAD is designed to work with Tech Lighting or LBL Lighting low voltage pendant lights  only through the Jack Adapter design (threaded nipple at the center of the canopy).

Access Lighting Noya Inverted Pendant

Monday, August 14th, 2006

I am an architect in Charleston,  SC.  A question about Access Lighting  Noya inverted pendant Model# AC-23072, is shade available in white only  without being ‘marbelized’? Thank you for your help.

Answer:the AC-23072, It doesn’t come with  plain white glass.

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