Matching Outdoor Wall Sconce and Post

I sent a message last week in regards to items Maxim Lighting Abbey Outdoor Post,  MX-20410-CD-FB and Maxim Lighting Direct Burial Pole,  MX-1091. We like the Florence Bronze color but it appears the pole does not come in that color. What color do you recommend with the florence bronze and please let me know how these products weather. Thank you! We are on a time schedule here with our work crew so a quick response is necessary.

Yes, the pole does not come in all the available finishes. To go with the Florence Bronze finish, you can consider Black, Rust Patina, or Empire Bronze finish for the pole. The Empire Bronze finish is only available with  photocell option currently, however.

All of the following are in stock:
MX-2004  -Made of trisyn, great durable material for ocean climate
MX-20412 or MX-20413-CD-FB

As far as how they weather, it really depends on where they are installed. If they are installed near the ocean, they will show signs of rust within a year. However, if they are installed in a place where the climate is tame, the finish would be good for at least a few years.
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