Do You Have Juno Compatable Track Lighting?

I currently have Juno standard track lighting in my apartment. I would like to keep the track, since it is a bit messy to replace it, but would prefer to change the spotlights (fixtures). My question is whether the spotlights shown in your website are compatible with Juno standard track light, specifically:

Nora Lighting Belgium Gimbal Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-132
Nora Lighting Metro Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-619S
Nora Lighting Italia Line Voltage Track Light – NTH-618S

Unfortunately, our track lights are not compatible with Juno tracks. Ours are Halo-compatible, which is the most widely-used standard. You  would most likely  have to look elsewhere to get Juno-compatible track lights. We apologise that we couldn’t additionally assist you. For more information about track lighting and the  different kinds  available, please visit our track lighting tutorial page.

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